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Connecting People and Ideas for Integrated Development

Civil Society, Education, Policy Development, and Advocacy


Country Title Sponsor
Bolivia Citizens Working for Justice Advocacy and Coalition Partners of the Americas/USAID
Bosnia Parliamentary Strengthening Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina USAID
Brazil Advanced Developing Country Training Project USAID
Brazil AIDS Programs in Prevention and Assistance Family Health International/USAID
Brazil Human Resource Development in Strategic Areas National Council for Scientific and Technological Development
Brazil Brazil Nature and Society Project: Training Conservation Professionals World Wildlife Fund/ USAID
El Salvador El Salvador Training Project USAID and Slavadoran NGO
Global Microfinance Distance Learning Program United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
Guatemala Guatemala Legislative Activity USAID
Haiti Support Program for the Re-establishment of a Transparently and Effectively Functioning Parliament (PAHP) USAID
Hungary Management Training and Economics Education Project USAID
Jordan Legislative Strengthening Program USAID
Kenya Democratic Institution Building Assistance to the National Assembly USAID
Kosovo Training NGOs for Advocacy EWMI/USAID
Malawi Study Tour for Malawian MPs CIDA
Morocco Strengthening Parliamentary Processes in Morocco USAID
Mozambique Parliamentary Modernization USAID
Near East and Southesast Asia Drug Education and Public Awareness USAID
Nicaragua Institutional Strengthening and Civil Society Support USAID
Paraguay Legislative and Judicial Reform USAID
Peru Developing Skills of the Congress USAID
Russia IT Support for University Computer Science Courses USIA
Russia Morozov II AMM/USAID
Russia Inter-Regional Corporate Management Center IREX/USAID
Russia Volkhov Incubator USAID
Serbia Separation of Powers Project in Serbia EWMI/USAID
Tanzania Parliamentary Needs Assessment USAID
Uganda Strengthening Democratic Linkages in Uganda (LINKAGES) USAID
Uganda Uganda Parliamentary Research and Internship Program HED
Zambia Study Tour and Needs Assessment USAID