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Connecting People and Ideas for Integrated Development

Legislative Strengthening

Past Projects

Country Title Sponsor
Afghanistan Afghanistan Parliamentary Assistance Program USAID
Bangladesh Promoting Democratic Institutions and Practices (PRODIP) USAID/DfID
Benin National Assembly Strengthening Program USAID
Bolivia Citizens Working for Justice Advocacy and Coalition Partners of the Americas/USAID
Bolivia Government Working to Improve Economic Opportunities for Indigenous and Minority Peoples Casals & Associates/USAID
Bolivia Program of Assistance for a Representative Congress (PARC) USAID
Bolivia Support for Electoral Process in Bolivia (PACER) USAID
Bolivia Legislative Assistance and Municipal Government Strengthening USAID/Government of Bolivia
Bosnia Parliamentary Strengthening Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina USAID
Bulgaria Training for the Parliamentary Information Center and Research, Analysis and Forecast Department project World Learning/ USAID
Bulgaria Bulgaria National Assembly Legislative Strengthening Project USAID
Burundi Burundi Policy Reform Program Chemonics/USAID
Chile Chile Legislative Assistance and Local Government Strengthening USAID
East Africa East African Parliamentary Institute Ford Foundation
El Salvador Citizen Participation in the Legislative Process USAID
Ghana Ghana Parliamentary Study Tour Parliamentary Centre
Global Deliberative Bodies IQC 1-3 USAID
Global Regional Parliamentary Assistance USAID
Global Knowledge, Advocacy and Support Services in Parliamentary Development UNDP
Guatemala Guatemala Legislative Activity USAID
Guatemala Modernization Plan for the Guatemalan Congress USAID
Haiti Support Program for the Re-establishment of a Transparently and Effectively Functioning Parliament (PAHP) USAID
Iraq Program to Support Interim and Transitional National Governance and Constitutional Development in Iraq NDI/USAID
Jordan Legislative Strengthening Program USAID
Kenya Democratic Institution Building Assistance to the National Assembly  
Kenya Legislative Strengthening to Kenya National Assembly DfiD
Kenya Support for the House Live Broadcast Project of the Kenya National Assembly USAID
Kenya Kenya Parliamentary Strengthening Program USAID/DfiD
Lebanon Program to Strengthen the Lebanese Parliament through Development of a Legislative Resource Center in Lebanon (PSLP) USAID
Madagascar Technical Assistance to the National Assembly of Madagascar USAID
Malawi Parliamentary Study Tour CIDA
Malawi Strengthening National Assembly Oversight to Curb Corruption and Enhance Fiscal Discipline in the Public Sector  
Mexico Legislative Strengthening Project USAID
Morocco Strengthening Parliamentary Processes in Morocco USAID
Mozambique Parliamentary Modernization USAID
Namibia New Parliamentarians Program USAID
Nicaragua Institutional Strengthening and Citizen Participation Program for the Nicaraguan National Assembly USAID
Nicaragua Legislative Strengthening USAID
Paraguay Legislative Judicial Reform USAID
Peru Developing Skills of the Peruvian Congress USAID
Rwanda Technical Assistance to National Assembly USAID
SADC Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum Strengthening Activities USAID
SADC Organizational Assessment of the South African Development Community - Parliamentary Forum USAID
Serbia Separation of Powers Project in Serbia EWMI/USAID
Tanzania Technical Assistance for the Strengthening of Tanzania's Union National Assembly USAID
Uganda Uganda Parliamentary Research and Internship Program HED
Uganda Strengthening Democratic Linkages in Uganda (LINKAGES) USAID
Uganda Uganda Parliamentary Technical Assistance Project USAID
Uganda Building Capacity of the Ugandan Parliament USAID
West Bank/Gaza Constituency Relations Manual ARD/USAID
West Bank/Gaza Parliamentary Basic Law Consultancy USAID
Zambia Study Tour and Needs Assessment USAID
Zimbabwe Institutional Strengthening of the Zimbabwe Parliament Project USAID