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Connecting People and Ideas for Integrated Development

Our Practices: Supporting Integrated Development

Our ApproachIn our work, we connect people and ideas for integrated development. Integrated development rests on five pillars: attention to local context and institutional incentives, empowerment of local networks, cross-disciplinary collaboration, capacity building through pilots and experiments, and sustainability through learning.

  • Big Data, Analytics and Technology Innovation in the Service of Development Our experts develop innovations in technology, identify applications for them and forge strategic linkages with government, local communities and the private sector to use these innovations to solve pressing development challenges facing the U.S. and other countries. We design and implement comprehensive analyses and evaluations that enhance knowledge and practice across disciplines.
  • Integrated Governance The State University of New York’s Center for International Development (SUNY/CID) is among the world’s leading providers of technical assistance and training to governments and civil society to promote and support accountable, transparent and inclusive governance. Using a thinking-and-working politically (TWP) approach developed over its three decades of experience in over 50 countries, SUNY/CID works with USAID Missions and world-renown practitioners and experts to design and implement effective development solutions in a variety of country contexts. And as the portal to the research and expertise of the largest public institution of higher learning in the U.S., SUNY/CID offers access to state-of-the-art research and proven scalable and adaptive programming.
  • Building Resilience and Fostering Stability Developing nations are increasingly faced with natural and man-made disasters which undermine their ability to eradicate disease or chronic poverty and often result in preventable human or economic loss. Man-made disasters, such as violent conflict, terrorism or cyber-attacks, have a similarly debilitating effect on communities and livelihoods.
  • Empowering Youth Our cutting-edge research in disciplines ranging from education policy to public health, enhanced by our commitment to civic engagement and an ecosystem approach to workforce development, enable youth throughout the world to better access economic and social opportunities; share in economic growth; live healthy lives; and contribute to household, community, and national wellbeing.