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Connecting People and Ideas for Integrated Development

Legislative Strengthening Technical Services IQC (2011-2016)

Current Projects

USAID awarded, for the fourth consecutive time, the Legislative Strengthening Technical Services IQC to SUNY/CID and its consortium on Nov. 10, 2011. The award is a five-year, $225 million (shared ceiling cap). This IQC entails the provision of a wide array of services encompassing short- and long-term technical assistance and other support designed to strengthen representative and deliberative bodies at national, sub-national and local levels of government. Under the Functional Area of Governing Justly and Democratically, the IQC falls under Program Area 2.2, Good Governance. Program Elements and Sub-Elements supported by the IQC include:

1. Legislative Function and Processes

  • Legislative Strengthening and Legal Reform
  • Representation
  • Oversight and Budget Capacity
  • Legislative Management, Administration, Accountability


  • Citizen Participation

As parliamentary work is cross-cutting in the democracy-governance portfolio, the Legislative Strengthening Technical Assistance Services IQC focus is to substantially develop the legislative capacity of the Parliaments to (1) respond to and represent constituent issues and concerns, (2) provide more transparency on legislation and related policy development, and (3) conduct oversight of the Executive and monitor the implementation of legislation.

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