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Connecting People and Ideas for Integrated Development

Internship Program

SUNY/CID Interns and Rockefeller College Students with the Kenya Senate Committee on Devolution

SUNY/CID Interns Susanne Siebel, Blair Williams, Lucas Henry and Sandra Sanya with members from the Kenyan Senate Devolved Government Committee

Throughout the year, SUNY/CID provides excellent advanced undergraduate and graduate students from the University at Albany and other colleges and universities with the opportunity to work as interns in our Albany, New York office in order to contribute to our work in international development. We integrate these students into our substantive work and provide them with practical opportunities to engage in research and contribute to project management.


The duties of a SUNY/CID intern may include:

  • Research assignments on countries, political issues, governance topics, development assistance, funding opportunities, project management, and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Writing assignments ranging from drafting research reports and components of proposals to news stories from our projects, and newsletters on development issues.
  • Assistance with study tours of international visitors.
  • Assistance with international and domestic conferences, workshops, and seminars.
  • Assistance in improving and updating of databases.
  • Participation in staff meetings and meetings of project and new business development.
  • Help with mobilizing staff and consultants on our projects for field assignments.
  • Editing and formatting of field reports and other publications.
  • Help with the office administration of various aspects of our projects.


Both graduate and undergraduate students serve as interns. In some cases, work stipends may be offered to the most qualified graduate students and selected undergraduates. Our interns are expected to have superior research, writing and interpersonal skills, an openness to new ideas, the ability to work under deadlines, a solid work ethic, and the ablility to work in Albany, New York. Interns typically major in political science, public administration, public finance, business, public health, sociology, criminal justice, economics, history and other social sciences, physical sciences or humanities. Non-English language skills are a plus.

Please check our Open Positions page for a list of current openings. If you are interested in an internship with SUNY/CID, please send a resume or CV, cover letter explaining your reasons for applying, the dates of your availability, and a piece of writing to