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SUNY/CID Supported Adult Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina With a Prime Time TV Show

The USAID-funded “Strengthening Governing Institutions and Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina” project (USAID/SGIP), sponsored an “Izlaz” (Exit) TV Debate broadcast in prime time on BHT1 national public network on November 29th.

The TV show provided an opportunity for a panel of participants to discuss the current status and perspectives of Adult Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the importance of developing a modern legal framework in this field. The panel included CBC Minister of Education, Ms. Katica Čerkez; the Head of the Employment Department of the FBiH Employment Bureau, Mr. Omer Korjenić; the Adult Education Expert at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Ms. Azra Ramić; and the USAID/SGIP Legal and Policy Development Advisor, Ms. Lejla Hasanović.

Since 2015, USAID/SGIP has been partnering with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Central Bosnia Canton to help it develop a Law on Adult Education adapted to the Canton’s particular needs and circumstances. USAID/SGIP provided expert assistance in drafting the Law. Representatives of USAID/SGIP participated in several Working Group meetings to prepare a pre-draft and facilitated participation of external experts. As a result, the Draft Law was submitted to the Cantonal Assembly in November 2016, followed by public consultations in three of the Canton’s cities.

While presenting benefits that the Law would bring to the Canton’s citizens, Minister Čerkez expressed her gratitude to USAID/SGIP: “I am looking forward to constructive public consultations. I believe that we applied the best solutions in our Draft Law and expect positive outcome in the process.”

“It is very important to communicate and coordinate with other Cantons, the entities, experts, as well as international organizations that have experience in this field. In the case of the Central Bosnia Canton this has proven to be a good practice,” Ms. Lejla Hasanović stressed in the TV debate.

In order to increase public awareness, USAID/SGIP also focused its 2016 Annual Media Award on adult education. USAID/SGIP invited journalists from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina to contribute stories on how legislation can increase employment in BiH.

The TV debate on Adult Education is now available on the official BHRT web page and can be accessed with following link:

Posted December 30, 2016