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Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina Honors SGIP Partner Staff Member

Mrs. Nejra Kadrić of the Institute for Youth Development (KULT), which is a core local partner of Strengthening Governing Institutions and Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SGIP), was recently honored by the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Mrs. Kadrić was among three honorees recognized for their work promoting gender equality in BiH from the local to the national level. The awards were presented by Mrs. Nermina Zaimović-Uzunović, a member of the Commission for Gender Equality of the Parliament’s House of Representatives.

Mrs. Kadrić was recognized for her work promoting “gender-responsive policies and strategies for young people as part of a regional project which is being implemented in nine municipalities in BiH, Croatia and Serbia” through various means including workshops and trainings. The press release recognizing the honorees further noted that Mrs. Kadrić’s work was a fine example of regional cooperation. The award is meant to highlight not only the current work being done by the honorees but to promote their future work as the honorees noted that much work remains to be done in the promotion of gender equality.

Please join the SUNY/CID and SGIP teams in congratulating Mrs. Kadrić as we continue to work to support improved governance at the local and national levels in BiH with our strong local partners and their staff.

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Posted May 23, 2014