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Toby A. Cole

Toby Cole

Toby A. Cole has worked at SUNY/CID since 1989 and, for the last decade, has been the project manager for all SUNY/CID Kenya programming. She presently serves as the Senior Manager, Project Operations of the Harmonized Assistance for Devolved Institutions Project (AHADI) in Kenya as well as the Senior Advisor and Supervisor for SUNY/CID’s Home Office Project Management Team. Prior experience includes support for numerous projects including those in Benin, Iraq, Rwanda, Malawi, Morocco and Uganda. Ms. Cole also participated in many of the Center’s earliest programs such as the SUNY/CID Brazil Training Project, the UNDP Program for Knowledge and Advocacy in Parliamentary Development and countless large study tours. Ms. Cole earned a B.A. in psychology, with a minor in African-American studies, from the State University of New York at Albany.

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