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James Utermark Named Acting Director of SUNY/CID

Photo of Acting Director James Utermark

James Utermark has been named Acting Director of the Center for International Development at the University at Albany’s Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy. Jim joined CID in 2006 as Chief of Staff and has continuously directed the Center’s administrative operations, serving as Assistant Director and Acting Director and, generally, functioning as CID’s second in command.

A development practitioner with extensive experience in legislative and governance work, including skills as a legislative researcher, drafter and budget expert, Jim supports CID’s international portfolio of parliamentary assistance programs. Currently, he is the Senior Legislative Advisor for the USAID-funded Strengthening Governing Institutions and Processes project in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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Kenya Senate Staff Delegation: Visit to Congress, Maryland and Pennsylvania General Assemblies

Photo of Joint Local Commission in Pennsylvania

Last October a delegation from the Senate and Joint Services of the Parliament of Kenya participated in a 10-day visit the United States in order to study how counterpart US institutions are organized to provide support services to elected representatives and enable them to more effectively execute their mandate.


In BiH, SUNY/CID Supports Economic Growth and Workforce Development

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In Zenica-Doboj Canton a growing number of businesses are seeking workers with new skills, but adults in the Canton don’t have access to certified retraining in the new skill areas. One part of the problem is that the Canton’s legal framework didn’t provide for certified retraining or education programs for adults, thus constraining the local economy and the labor market – that is, until now…



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