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SUNY/CID Strengthens Foster Care Policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Conference on foster care policy in BiH.

Through the US Agency for International Development-funded Strengthening Governing Institutions and Processes (SGIP) project, SUNY/CID is making concrete contributions to the use of evidence-based policy to develop legislation in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH).


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SGIP Gives Media Award

SGIP Media Award

In a ceremony on July 9, SUNY/CID’s USAID-funded “Strengthening Governing Institutions and Processes” (SGIP) program in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) announced the winners of its award for the best journalistic piece on foster care. The Bosnian-language version of the contest criteria can be found here.


FBiH Parliament Study Tour to Austrian Parliament

National Assembly President Soro Shown

Representatives of both houses of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) visited the Austrian Parliament on June 1 - 7, 2014 for a study tour at the Budget Office of the Austrian Parliament.


Staff in Focus

Cecilia Skott

This month, learn about Cecilia Skott: Senior Associate.


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